Wooden Platform Bed Frame Design


Wooden platform bed frame – Upgrade your old waterbed frame by converting it into a platform bed with a few simple adjustments. Recycling your waterbed frame allows you to keep a piece of furniture that you enjoy while changing your sleeping surface from a bed of wavy water to a more comfortable mattress. By reusing the water bed frame, when you no longer want a waterbed you will also save time and money. To make a wooden platform bed frame from the old water bed, remove the mattress, thermostat filled with water and coating. Discard or store the parts according to your needs. Measure the recessed area in which the water mattress used to sit. Include width, length and depth.

Then to make a wooden platform bed frame from the old water bed, cut wooden apples that are 2 inches thick to fit into the mattress cavity across the width of the bed. Use a table saw or ask your lumber company to cut the wood for you. For example, if the bed is 6 feet wide and 10 inches deep, your wooden blocks should measure 2-by-10-by-72 inches. Cut enough pieces to place one block every 8 to 12 inches. Place the wooden blocks inside the water bed frame. Screw the wood in the frame.

Place two pieces of pre-cut 1/2 inch plywood over the bed. The sheets of plywood should cover the edges of the frames that cover the wooden blocks and the empty space of the water mattress used to occupy. Cut the plywood tailored yourself with a table saw or ask your wood supplier to cut to your specifications. Screw the wood in place with the frame and wooden blocks. Sand the plywood and edges for a smooth finish. Paint or dye the plywood and edges to match or complement the wooden platform bed frame. Repainting the entire frame if you want a new look. Place the mattress on top of the plywood as you would with any other bed platform.


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