Wood Platform Bed Frame Design


Wood platform bed frame – Infuse your room with an aesthetic, minimalist and elegant design with a Japanese-style bed. The frame of the bed consists of a slightly raised wooden platform on which the mattress is placed. The simple design of a bed of this style is a possible construction project in wood to make at home. Make your own platform for a double bed using wood of your choice, such as cherry, oak, maple or birch. A regular bed supports a structured mattress in a rectangular frame of rails, based on the internal stiffness of the mattress to prevent sagging. If you have a mattress without structure, you need a platform bed if you want any chance of getting a good night’s sleep. Adding a sheet of wood to the railing frame can be a solution to this problem.

The main difference between these types of two beds is how much support they provide under the mattress. Traditional beds do not offer any help, except for a central rail for larger queen and king mattresses that will not warp. A wood platform bed frame offers a solid platform under the mattress for extra support. However, that the platform is often based on a lane structure very similar to a traditional bed. This is done by adding a sheet of wood for easy support.

Wood to convert your traditional bed into wood platform bed frame is a simple process. Measure the internal dimensions of the rail frame, and then cut a sheet of plywood to match. For larger beds which may be larger than the easily available sheets of wood you may need to use two sheets. Before placing the wood in position, it is advisable to sand the raw wood well. Do not do so risks imperfections and splinters in the bottom of your mattress. The main advantage of a platform bed is that it will support a mattress without internal structure. If you have a top mattress with no matching mattress or an unstructured futon mattress, it will slide right between the side rails of a traditional bed. The platform supports that type of mattress and helps reduce sagging in a more structured mattress that has seen better days.

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