White Twin Platform Bed Style


A white twin platform bed is an elevated surface that lifts the mattress out of the floor without a traditional bed frame or box spring. A platform bed can be made movable with the addition of wheels. Choose heavy wheels that can be locked so the bed is stable during use. The addition of pulls helps to make this platform bed move-able. Select handles that are thick, smooth and round to avoid damage caused by sharp edges.

Measure the length and width of the mattress that will be used on the platform. Add extra length or width if the platform is to be used as an end table or seating area. Cut 2-by-4s in the appropriate lengths, determined by the desired size, the finished bed. Attach the left side piece to the top piece using wood glue and then screw the pieces together. Install cross supports every 8 to 10 inches by cutting additional 2-by-4s that will fit well into the frame from side to side. Use trillium and screw through the frame and into the supports to secure the transverse supports. Cover the top of the plywood frame. Attach plywood in place with wooden strap and then wooden screws, screw them down into the frame. Finish the visible parts of the platform by gluing on the carpet, wood veneer or metal plates to create a one of a kind white twin platform bed.

Center industrial pull handles on the sides and / or end of the platform bed and mark the location of the screw holes. Screw through the frame and into the pull handle to attach them to the bed. White twin platform bed style with attach wheels. Turn platform bed on head. Set an industrial turning wheel in one corner and determine if all screw holes are on wood. Build a small box frame by twisting two small pieces of wood together and then screw into the ends through the existing frame. Size the box so all the screw holes on the wheel assembly will be placed during the tree. Screw in the wheel and repeat on the remaining three corners.


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