Useful Platform Bed Headboard Storage


Since the bed is usually the largest object in a bedroom, and since rooms rarely seem to have enough storage, it makes sense to make platform bed headboard double duty as additional cargo space. Of course, you can buy headboards with shelves and cabinets built in, but that is not the only solution — there are many ways to add storage by reassigning other items you already have. Library headers are not new, but you may not know that you can use real libraries to do the work. If you have one that is as wide as or wider than your mattress, push it behind your bed. Anchor firmly to the wall and fill each shelf that is not covered by bedding.

If you have two bookstores higher, they are one on each side of the bed instead of bedside tables. Bridge of tapas with a painted board to match. The board will not only be an extra shelf, it will complete the “frame” around platform bed headboard. Hang a curtain, a special box or a mirror on the wall in the middle to complete the look. Floating shelves work well as headers; you can center one on the bed or the wall with them the floor to ceiling cover to display collections, hold books or store personal items. You can buy coordinated shelving “systems” that seem recessed or hang an eclectic collection of shelves, cabinets and showcases that you’ve picked up at thrift stores and yard sales. Leave them as-is for a rustic look, or full-color painting for a unified visualization.

Storage cubes are infinitely stackable and come in colors to suit every decoration and prices for all budgets. Buy an assortment of cubes made of wire, plastic or wood — cardboard or deformable fabric is not sturdy enough to use as a platform bed headboard. Get cubes that “lock” — or fix them yourself using glue or wood fasteners — and experiment with stacking them until you reach a setting that you like. Then place the stack between the bed and the wall.


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