Twin XL Platform Bed with Plywood


Build a twin XL platform bed with plywood and decorate it to match the decoration of your bedroom. Not counting the time it would take to paint or stain and the additional drying time, you can build a platform bed for about an hour. You may want to use a table saw or saw miter saw if you have them, but you can handle the work of a circular saw.  The base of the twin xl platform bed. Wood cut to size. You need 2 x two 12 boards in 64 inches long, 2 x two 12 boards that are 84 inches long and 2 x two 12 boards that are 61 inches long. You will also need 2 pieces of plywood that are 37 x 45 inches. Sand to remove any splinters, then wipe with a slightly dampened cloth to remove dust. Bolt together a rectangle of 2x12s for the base. Place the long 64-inch boards on the head and feet of the bed and the 84-inch boards on the sides.

Ideas for DIY twin XL platform bed with plywood, as the 2x12s long 61 inches in that frame, it goes from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed, spaced evenly. Place the pieces of plywood face down on the floor and align so that the edges are flush, or even with each other. Place the repair brackets over the seam where the two pieces and space join evenly, approximately one foot apart, along the seam. Attach the repair brackets to the pieces of plywood with 1/2 inch wood screws, to make a large piece of plywood. Using a drill with a drill bit makes it go much faster than with just a screwdriver.

Then to make twin XL platform bed with plywood, place the plywood piece attached to above the base, with the side that has the repair brackets facing down.  Sand any rough spots, such as around the screws and clean away the dust. For the platform by painting or stains that match the decoration of the bedroom. Let it dry for at least 48 hours. When it is completely dry, put the mattress on the platform and on the bedding.

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