Twin Platform Bed with Trundle


Twin platform bed with trundle – When you are thinking about buying a new bed, you may want to ponder over the mattress and box spring. Platform beds can be the way you want to go, when decorating a bedroom in your home. This bed does not require a box spring because the mattress sufficiently supported horizontal boards or slats. They come in all sizes than traditional bed and look slimmer and more attractive for children than traditional bed frame.

Twin platform bed with trundle is an excellent resource for a child’s room is small, because there are a lot of options for the design of the bed frame. When I was a kid, my sister had it, what we call the master bed in the room, which is also known as a bunk bed. It is a place that is high above the Earth as a bed, a dresser and a desk area beneath the above but as the bed down. It saves a lot of space to the room on the big pitch, because the three pieces of furniture for the bedrooms were reduced to one.

Depending on the type of bedding goes beyond the save area. The bed can be a fashion statement in itself because of the very high from the floor or low to the floor. No longer just a rectangular frame, twin platform bed can be of various shapes. Imagine, for example, oval shape with a large enough space in the hold of the mattress. Space, the mattress is not on, it can be used as a seat and below may be different than the storage drawer or cubby holes to hide-away. The possibilities are endless, and it is certain that the theme you want for your bedroom, you can find twin platform bed with trundle, which fits right in, and it will look like it was part of a set all.


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