Twin Platform Bed with Storage Plan


Twin platform bed with storage – Storage below is an elegant solution to keep your things out of the way. An 18-inch-tall bed frame has more than 50 cubic feet of storage underneath. Building your own storage framework is a one-day project that requires only tools that most families have in hand. Build a two-stage bed with one side of the storage containers that allow immediate access, and the other with a locker that can be closed for seasonal belongings. Set a beam 60 inches and a beam 77 inches L-shaped, with the end of the beam 77 inches butt with the inside face of the beam 60 inches. One with two 4-inch wood screws, propelled through the face of the shortest beam and at the end of the longest.

Twin platform bed with storage, adjust the other beam 60 inches against the free end of the beam 77 inches, forming a C shape. Fasten with two 4-inch wood screws, just as you did with the first bend. Slide the remaining 77-inch beam into the C-shape. Position it so that it is parallel to the first beam, with its inner edge 30 inches from the outer edge of the first beam. Secure both ends using two 4-inch wood screws, driven in before. Position of the beam of 25 inches with its end against the center of the beam 77 inches. It must be parallel to and equidistant from the free ends of the two beams 60 inches. Attach to the 77-inch beam using two 4-inch wood screws.

Lay a sheet of plywood over the open side of the twin platform bed with storage frame. Its inner edge should run along the midline of the 77-inch center beam. Screw in place with 2-inch wood screws, one at each corner and two more evenly spaced along the middle. Adjust the other sheet of plywood over the uncovered side of the bed frame. Place in position with the three hinges. Screw the hinges with one side of the sheet of plywood and one on the sheet you just installed. Set a hinge 2 inches from each edge of this sheet, and one in the center.


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