Twin Platform Bed with Drawers Ideas


Twin platform bed with drawers – A set of drawers under a full-size bed allows you to take advantage of and organize more than 25 square feet of storage space. Even though you can spend hundreds on a prefabricated bed frame with under-bed drawers, build your own at half the cost, a project is well within reach of most beginners and intermediate wood industry. These plans are for a twin platform bed with drawers below, but you can build any size mattress by adjusting the timber sizes.

Ideas for make twin platform bed with drawers; use your chainsaw to cut large-sized plywood slabs to the dimensions. Sand all faces of all timber twice, once with coarse sandpaper grain and once with fine sandpaper. Apply a layer of paint to all surfaces of your timber. Let it dry. Set all four 2 x 8 beams on the ground, parallel to each other and with their ends aligned. All four bars must rest on their smallest, 2-inch faces. Set the beams 33 inches apart, from the inside edge to the inside edge. Set two of your 54-inch with 37 1/2 inch plywood side by side on top of formed by the rays frame. Screw them into place with 16 wooden screws, two evenly spaced screws per sheet per beam. Screw through plywood and into the beam below.

Then to make twin platform bed with drawers, turn the frame over so it rests on the plywood. Put the remaining two 54-inches with 37 1/2 inch plywood slabs on the beams and attach, just like you did the first two. Get two 7 1/2 inch wide plywood slabs, 24 inches long and 33 inches long. Put them in an L shape with shorter sheets end to end. Sew them in place with three finishing nails. Then plywood slabs of the same size, build another L shape. Connect L-Shapes to form a rectangular frame: the walls in the tray. Use three finishing nails per corner to attach them.


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