Tufted Platform Bed Ideas


Tufted platform bed provides an easy way to save money in a bed frame. Since the upper support rests within the frame, it does not require a box spring. The platform consists of a wooden frame on the floor with small wooden slats that offer the same support as a box spring. A cushioned bed frame has padded sides that protect you from wood surfaces. Your frame is cheaper than buying one and you can choose the colors for the finished bed. Place two chipboard on a flat surface. Place four metal supports along the parts, evenly distributing each bracket. Position the brackets so that the metal rests evenly on the joints. Screw the 1/2 inch screws through the holes in each holder. Both parts serve as the basis for your mattress.

Tufted platform bed, create a box shape by arranging two 77-inch boards with two 68-inch boards. Hold the corner where two of the plates meet, and thread a 1 wood screw through the two parts, use four screws along the plates for maximum stability, work your way through the box, place four screws in each one corner. Cover the screw heads with some wood filler. Cover part of the structure with a thin layer of wood glue. Roll out the blanket and press against the wood. Cut off the excess stick with a knife. Roll the stick and the wooden cloth with the upholstery fabric. Attach the fabric to the wood with a stapler. Repeat the process on each side of the frame.

Adjust the chipboard so that the metal support points upwards. Place the wooden frame you just made above. Mount a metal clip L on each side of the tufted platform bed and attach the box structure to the top of the chipboard. Wood screws through the columns and into the wood. Continue to rotate the bed so that the flat side of the blades points upwards. Fix the remaining four tables on the particles. Arrange the parts to fit the surface. Screw wood screws through the wood, cut off the screws every 2 to 3 inches and cover with wooden spatula.


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