Trend Industrial Platform Bed


If you like this style and you are thinking of giving an industrial air to your bedroom, the first thing you should know is that it was born in the 50’s to respond to the need for housing at a low price. Abandoned industrial spaces like ships or offices began to be converted into dwellings. And little by little it became a fashion that gave rise to a decorative style. We already talked about the vintage industrial style in an article and now we will focus on the industrial platform bed that follows the trend. Yes, they have told you all their lives that they should hide, but now…. Beams, pipes, cables, imperfections, everything is exposed before our eyes as it is. The imperfection is beautiful and fulfills a decorative function that until now had been denied.

If you have metal or wood beams now is the time to leave them in plain view. You can give them a hand of paint, but little else. But in its natural state you will still get a more industrial and austere air, perfect! Wood is an essential element to provide warmth and more in environments as cold and soulless as those that characterizes the industrial platform bed style. Bet on it in its most natural and pure state, chipped, cracked and uncoated. Or also in bed to make us more cozy in the middle of this cold environment. For example recycling pallets, a perfect idea for an industrial environment.

The range of colors that dominates in the industrial platform bed is very cold. In that context the wood will bring warmth but choose wood without ornaments and disguises. Include in tables, chests of drawers, desks, chairs … The industrial trend is characterized by the dominance of very sober colors, especially the range of grays but also white, black and metallic. You are lucky because this season gray is trend and you can find it in all kinds of bedding, cushions, blankets…. Decorate your bedroom with them and sure you get it right.

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