The Wood Storage Platform Bed


Storage platform bed – As you can see in the market today, there is a wide range of platform bed with storage drawers. All brands bring the gifts feature is it the same as sleeping space as well as storage. However, they have a variety of designs and materials, which makes it confusing that in addition to the items that we buy, and what is more durable or not. Below is a list of three common materials that are used on the platform storage beds along with their pros and cons so that you will be able to tell the difference, and we will guide you to the right, based on your needs. The types of wood (usually wood) are used to cheap platform bed. It’s pretty durable depending on how you use it, however, because the surfaces of the soft racks are prone to bend and break.

The production has done its best to prevent sticking, color stains and varnish coat soft, which will serve as the secondary. Pro under these types is that it is relatively cheaper, it’s not difficult to transport and aesthetically flawless. The counter is from the field it may break easily so that there is a limit, and finally a bend after a long time of use. From the storage platform bed wood is the kind of material that will be sure to take a long and durable enough to withstand damage as the rest, bending and breaking. It is usually made of oak or maple wood and will last longer than other materials. Pro under the wood material-it is very durable, vulnerability to break the bows and scrapes. The counter below this material is a bit pricey, too heavy to transport and you can’t paint or stain.

The most common materials that we see on the market today are made of metal. It is usually made of iron/steel rolled so hard and durable. Because of the ingredients that may be relatively easy to find, their prices are much cheaper than wood. Pro by this type are cheaper, they have different height and design, common in the market, and are durable. The downside is that it can rust after a long time of use. If you want to know where is best for you with the storage platform bed drawers, try to assess your budget-whether it is sufficient for the type of material or not? The materials used are perfect for my needs? As soon as you are able to bring the types of material and your current needs, then it’s time for you to decide.


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