The Best Ways to Decorate a Platform Bed without Headboard


Platform bed without headboard – The bed is often the focal point of any bedroom design scheme. And the style of your bed should be related to the overall design. For example, a platform bed is more common in a more modern design, while a sled bed is more suitable for traditional rooms. Most types of platform beds include a headboard, but there are lots of creative ways to decorate a platform bed without headboard. The absence of a headboard leaves empty wall space behind the bed, adding to the idea that without headrest it feels like something missing. Citizens’ Rights A large piece of art over your bed will derive attention from the empty space.

Framed pictures and even big mirrors will also make the trick. Get a large blank canvas, a few oil paint and enjoy creating your own artwork for a more personal touch. Hang a few shelves over the platform bed without headboard and use them to show a personal collection of sports memorabilia or antique books. Shelves are ideal for bedrooms shared by your children. Because they provide extra storage space. Just hang a few shelves over each twin bed for your kids’ extra dolls and toys. Remember, security is always a problem when hanging something on the wall. Make sure they are firmly anchored to the wall before you put anything on them.

Citizenship your platform bed without headboard under a window and use your curtains. Curtains or other window decor as headquarters are an option. If you do not want your bed near the window, you can create a window treatment on the wall. These by simply hanging a curtain over your bed. And using curtains and curtains that coordinate with the color composition of your bedding. Beef up the head of the bed with extra pillows to compensate for the lack of headboard. Use large, heavy floor pads, and lean them against the wall as headboard. Floor pillows are designed to provide comfortable seating on the floor, and are usually larger and heavier than conventional pillows.

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