Tall Platform Bed Ideas


Tall platform bed – The area under the bed can sometimes resemble a dark jungle full of lost or muggy items or a random collection of rattle. Platform beds change all this so you can regain control of the room under your bed. Most platform beds have a form of storage system built into the platform area, so you can both organize and organize your stuff. Certain platform beds come with two rows of drawers on each long side of the platform, making actual suits unnecessary. This frees floor space, which is indispensable for small spaces. Socks and underwear can stay in separate drawers, heavy sweaters in another, T-shirts and long sleeves T-shirts in another drawer and jeans in another. Alternatively you can use the tray space for out-of-season clothes, keep in season clothes in your closet and out-of-season things away, but handy.

Some tall platform bed do not come with drawers at the bottom, instead these beds have a hydraulic lift system where the mattress is lifted up and you have the entire box-like structure of the platform to store things in. Because this room is so big, it’s ideal for bigger things and things you do not use regularly but do not want to get rid of. For example, the platform storage can keep dusty photo albums, scrapbooks, old records and notebooks, even stuffed animals.

Some tall platform bed comes with shelves in the platform. Depending on size, shelves serve many different purposes. For example, smaller shelves are ideal for books, paper copies of music, and old textbooks or binders. Larger shelves allow you to slide in the baskets to create hidden storage-a collective inhibitor or a place for shoes and accessories. It will also be possible to purchase ready-made cabinets and build your platform bed around them. You need extra support when doing this to ensure that the cabinets do not break under the weight of the mattress or to the residents. This route can be more expensive, but can also be a useful solution if you have found cabinets that are perfect for your needs.


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