Style Unique Platform Beds


The Japanese unique platform beds have become popular in America because its lines merge with almost any decoration. Similar to western platform beds, it is close to the earth; however, unlike their western counterparts, they usually have a very simple headboard – or none at all. Buying this type of bed from a retail source can cost about a thousand dollars, but the cost of making your own consists only of the materials needed for the project.

Physics of the base of the bed. Depending on the size of the tatami mat you are going to install, construct the outline of the unique platform beds in a square or a rectangular shape. The scheme will consist of four wooden boards (planks of 2 x 4 will work well here, but will work 2 x 6 and up to 2 x 12). The structure should be large enough to accommodate the tatami mat without leaving any space around it. Carve a groove along the inside edge of the long sides of the frame, to accommodate the wood support floors. The edge should be even to allow a series of cross planks to rest on it.

Style unique platform beds, cut or buy four pieces of wood that will serve as legs to raise the bed to the preferred height. Position the frame with nails, screws and bolts or through interlocking slots. This last method is more traditional, but also more difficult to finish if you accidentally carve too much space in the slot. When you have finished with this step, the frame will rest on four feet much as a western counterpart of the bed. Cut or buy a plank of wood that the length of the structure, but fit perfectly in the interior, level with the recessed groove carved on the sides. Install it so it is exactly halfway in the frame, with a distance equal to the edge on either side of it. Cut or buy several wood boards almost equal to the width of the frame, but like the previous step, they should be short enough to fit comfortably inside the frame.

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