Style of Beautiful Platform Bed No Headboard


Platform bed no headboard – Your bedroom is your main sanctuary. Bustle of activity that fills your daily life should disappear when you enter that serene space designed to help you relax. Use ideas from bedroom furniture in advance to find right balance of style, comfort and functionality as you create perfect inspirational retreat at home. To consolidate space in master bedrooms with many square meters to spare, choose a large and striking bed, or a headboard; styles with canopies and four posts give strength and presence to a spacious bedroom, and their high proportions work best under ceilings with heights of 3 m or greater.

If you love comfortable style of upholstered beds and headboards, choose a style with eye-catching details such as tacking heads or splicing, which will ensure that bed is not lost in bedroom. Use platform bed no headboard as a starting point to form a collection of furniture that can be mixed and combined without losing harmony. Night tables in a master bedroom do not have to be small. Choose three-drawer dressers on either side of bed to maximize storage space, and place over-sized table lamps that are not overshadowed by rest of furniture. Large dressers and closets are essential for filling main rooms and housing most of your wardrobe, and should be placed at a certain distance from bed to avoid stacking.

A storage bench upholstered at foot of bed is a useful seat to put on and take off your shoes, and an ideal place to store extra blankets and cushions. To give a large room a touch of style of a beautiful platform bed no headboard hotel suite, turn an area into a reading corner with an occasional upholstered chair or divan, a distinctive floor lamp and a bookshelf filled with your favorite framed readings and photographs. Place a dressing table or desk in front of a window to make most of natural light, and hang curtains that reach floor to soften room and give privacy. And for a final touch of drama that unifies everything, a large chandelier hangs in center of room.


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