Style Floating Platform Bed Frame


Floating Platform Bed Frame – Floating shelves hide their support structure inside a gap in the shelf itself. This makes it a storage space with clean and modern lines. It seems that the same concept can be applied to a bed, making a modern-looking addition to the room. Unfortunately, even a double bed with a child is going to strain the structural support of a classic floating shelf. However, by adding removable support strings you can maintain the shape of a floating platform while adding stability when someone actually sleeps on the floating bed. Obviously (and I am very sorry to take away the magic of the moment so soon).

But a floating platform bed frame does not float by itself, it has some brackets on the wall that will make it look like it is flying because it has no legs or supports on the floor. Actually, the floating beds are a great twist on the design of the bedrooms because they can be an excellent focal attractive. This type of floating bedding is ideal for the most modern bedrooms although with the right textiles they can fit perfectly for any type of decorative style. For example, instead of putting a headboard on the wall an excellent idea may be to put the floating bed as the focal point of the room to feel as space opens and you have a wider room where you can see under the bed, creating an excellent balance in the room.

These types of beds take advantage of a platform bed, it is a base that is screwed to the wall and gives the feeling that the floating platform bed frame. Without the mattress above and without the textiles, the base is perfectly visible. Although most beds consist of a mattress and a bed frame, as usual, the platform bed uses a more robust frame, which eliminates the need for legs or another type of spring. So also people can have the mattress away from the cold and hard floor.


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