Strange yet Useful Ideas Elevated Platform Bed


Elevated platform bed – Lovers of decoration and interior design are always looking for a good idea to make every room in the house spectacular. From the kitchen to the bathroom, from the hall to the living room: it is always important to focus on functionality and practicality, but also on beauty.  In this book of ideas we are going to go to the bedroom, our little nest where we recharge our batteries every night. An area of ​​the house that is probably the most intimate and special, one of the most important that looks like we want. For lovers of simplicity and neutrality, colors like brown coffee, cream or beige are perfect for decorating the room. We used the darker colors on the headboard wall, to suggest depth.

Putting the bed on a elevated platform bed may seem like a strange idea, but we assure you that it can be very useful. And we could use the space under the platform to store blankets, sets of sheets, pillows, and cushions … whatever you imagine. Are the space small and your room during the day also used for other functions? A good recommendation is to opt for a folding bed like this, or for multifunctional furniture that are desk and bed at a time. Optimize the space to the maximum.

White is especially appreciated by interior decorators, as it guarantees the room more light and visual space. To add more impact we add color elements to the rugs, curtains or pillows. Or, if we like minimalism, we could simply bet on the black / white contrast. If the furniture inherited from your grandmother seems visually too heavy, you can paint them in white or in neutral colors to give a different touch to the elevated platform bed, but without losing that elegant vintage air. They deserve a second chance…


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