Storage System Platform Bed With Nightstands


Platform Bed With Nightstands – A wooden platform bed is a simple and elegant alternative to a traditional bed frame. It can be adapted to work with any decorating scheme. Depending on the way the style of a wooden platform, it can fit into a variety of designs, from a clean, Asian-inspired look to a more flowery, traditional style. With a double bed, it can be difficult to fit in other large pieces of furniture in your bedroom. To give more storage space without clogging up your site, build shelves at the base of the bed platform.

Create the shelf so that the platform bed with nightstands is flush with the edges of the bed and leave a couple of inches between the bottom of the shelf and the floor to gain access to the bookshelf, even if you have thick rugs. A wooden bed platform offers the opportunity to build in hidden storage. With a double bed, you will have a good amount of empty space on the platform. Choose an option that has cross braces that offer support and divide storage space for use with smaller items. You can set the bed directly on top of the straps or build in a trapdoor style opening. If you are working with limited space, rotate the edges of the bed platform on bedside tables to give the room an aerodynamic effect.

The construction of the platform with about an additional foot of space on each side and use the upper area as a space for books, lamps or an alarm clock. It is also possible to build the platform bed with nightstands right at the top of the bed platform to serve as bedside tables without the need for additional pieces of furniture. For an unexpected touch, build your wooden platform so the mattress is in the recessed area and the top is level with the top of the platform. The resulting appearance is luxurious and surprising and adapts well to a more contemporary home.


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