Standard Design Platform Canopy Bed


Platform Canopy Bed – A standard canopy bed consists of four posters on each corner of the bed, usually reaching 4 feet above the mattress. Generally, a wooden or metal frame rests on the top of the posts, and this is where most owners cover or hang ornamental or decorative fabric. Four-poster beds give a room a decidedly romantic, old-fashioned look. However, even if you do not have a traditional style canopy bed, you can simply create a canopy over the bed you have. This bed has a platform for a double mattress with a frame for an overhead canopy curtains or beds. Personalize your bed frame with interesting accessories and elegant Victorian curtains.

Lay out four threaded galvanized steel pipes (two pipes 54 inches long, 2 inches in diameter and two pipes 75 inches long) to make a rectangle on the ground. Place galvanized steel 40, lateral outlet elbow connections with a female thread in each corner of the rectangle so two of the openings of each form of lining one corner of the rectangle and the third points upwards. Screw the ends of the connection tubes. It is at the bottom of the platform canopy bed. Close a 24-inch-long pipe in each of the hardware openings in the corners of the frame. Screw one connection on top of each in four ways t tube until one opening in each connection sticks up and the other two openings match the angles of the horizontal connections in the bottom of the frame.

Add 54-inch and 75-inch tubes between these joints to form mattress platform canopy bed supports. Install a 55-inch long pipe in the holes in the gaskets at the corners of the frame. 90-degree elbow screw, lateral outlet mounting above each of these tubes for the other two openings in the fittings to match the angles of the horizontal connections in the rest of the structure. Add 54-inch and 75-inch tubes between these accessories to form the structure of the awning. Cut a rectangle of 58 of 79 inches of medium density fiberboard (MDF).


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