Solid Platform Bed Ideas


A solid platform bed is advantageous in a smaller room as it allows for more storage area under the bed. Whether you construct a simple platform on the base supports or a closed platform with potential drawers, the result is the same. A simple platform bed frame is relatively easy to build for do-it-yourself with the right tools and knowledge. Platform beds are typically very simple, low-to-earth beds that have a mattress on top. They are very popular for use with futon mattresses, and are found in many styles of Asian-inspired decor and design. While a professionally made platform bed can set you back a nice shill for it’s such a simple construction makes it really worth spending an afternoon to make your own. Most timber yards will be happy to cut wood to size, so make sure you know the size bed you want before buying your wood, saving you times to cut it to size yourself.

Lay 5 with 10 inch wood planks parallel to each other so that the outer planks are 30 inches apart, and the innermost is equidistant between them, about 15 inches on each side. Fix 1 out of 10 planks, one on each end of the three planks, so the sides and tops flush. These will be aprons for bed linen. Drill two holes through each plank and aprons six holes in each apron. Stay in a flat head bolt in each hole, securing the bottom of the solid platform bed.

Arrange the 13 slats on top of the base, making the two end slats outfit by about of an inch and the rest distributed around empty spaces. Drill three holes in each slat and the corresponding plank below it. There should be 39 holes in total. Screw flat head with the drill, so that the heads either fly very flat with planks or slightly below the surface of the planks. Sand the solid platform bed, sheet and then as desired.

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