Slightly Ideas Headboard for Homemade Platform Bed


Halfway between the purely aesthetic and the slightly functional, the headboard of the homemade platform bed is a piece that prints a lot of character to our bedroom. His presence marks the style of the rest of the room, but what style? Everything depends on what we look for, because for tastes the colors and in matter of headboards there are of all the forms, materials and designs. But if beyond the rustic, classic or Scandinavian style what you really care about is being original, you will surely love these simple ideas for the headboard of your bed. The kings of aesthetic recycling and up cycling are undoubtedly the pallets. With them you can do almost everything: tables, sofas, shelves, armchairs, bed bases for beds and also … headboards!

There are many ways to use them in the front of our homemade platform bed, but we were left with a very colorful one. Separate the tables, place them in different ways and color pictures. The result will be more original impossible. We keep talking about reusing old items, but now we get more romantic, because an old wooden door can become an original and different headboard. The first step will be to pick the doors, sanding them well and finally choose the color with which you want to repaint.

In the grandmother’s loft you can find real jewels that are worth recovering. One of them is the forge headers. Each time they are more fashionable and the originality of the same will depend on the treatment that you give this one. A simple restoration will connect more with the retro and classic side of the piece, but you can also dare with brighter colors that give a more modern air. In the line of the vinyls we also find the wallpaper. It is a great option that goes beyond the homemade platform bed and serves as a decorative resource for the entire room. It is a perfect idea for those beds without headboard that we directly support the wall.

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