Simple and Very Economic High Platform Beds


This time we will talk about high platform beds bases, which are a basic that should not be missing in your room. The ones we find in the stores are very expensive and with ordinary designs, in addition, most will not bring anything special to your personal space. If you are looking for a rustic headboard and you like to feel like you are in the middle of the forest although you are in the center of the big city, an idea can be hanging branches of trees. The ideal is that they are not too wide so you can hang them without having to lower them. You can put them in vertical or horizontal, in any way the effect will be surprising.

Pallets or pallets are a wooden frame used for the movement of cargo, especially in supermarkets. They are very used to create furniture, since in the places where they use them they are discarded. It is extremely important to recycle the wood, firstly because it is a non-renewable resource and there is an excessive logging of trees. One way to use the wooden pallets is to adapt them to a high platform beds base. You can paint them or put several on top of each other.

Fortunately there are other options in which you will not spend a fortune and you can do it yourself, even with recycled objects. That’s right, you can create your own furniture, choose the design you like and have the house you always dreamed. An original idea, simple and very economic is to place decorative stickers on the front wall of the bedroom, on which we will support the high platform beds. Vinyls are easy to place and have the advantage that if you get tired of them, you can easily replace them with others. You can also use them on single beds, but they can also be used to give your head a new look.


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