Should You Choose Solid Wood Platform Beds?


Solid wood platform beds – Other than taste and preferences, the difference between platform beds and traditional beds is many. Even platform beds come in as many styles as traditional beds, the primary difference is that, unlike traditional beds, platform beds do not require a box spring. Another important difference is that because of its unique construction, the platform beds will not accept all mattress types. Platform beds seem to have been in some shape for centuries before the arrival of the traditional bed, which requires a mattress, box springs and rails. The early Egyptians discovered the benefits of sleeping on a solid surface that was made of a raised pallet from the floor.

Building a platform bed differs from a traditional bed in that it does not require the same mechanisms to work. For example, because a platform bed is not designed for a drawer spring separates the construction of the base from the traditional bed’s rails and slats that hold a drawer spring and mattress set. The frame on a platform bed only differs from traditional beds in that it is constructed in a different shape. There are as many options for materials to build raised beds as there is to build traditional beds, for example, solid wood platform beds.

Although you can buy solid wood platform beds in twin beds, full, queen and king sizes not all platform bed sizes are large as traditional beds. For example, measurements of a traditional American single bed are 39 inches wide and 75 inches tall, on the other hand, the measurements for an American double platform bed are 37 inches wide and 74 inches tall. But the size of a traditional American queen (60 inches wide and 80 inches tall) is the same measure of an American queen platform bed.

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