Rustic Design Pallet Platform Bed


Pallet Platform Bed – Pallets, as you know, are pallets or rigid horizontal platforms of wood or plastic which can be used to build and decorate furniture, in this case, solid beds with a rustic look. To build a pallet bed we obviously need wooden pallets, sandpaper, paint or varnish, a drill, and hinges. The first thing we have to do is sand the pallets to smooth the surfaces and edges and avoid splinters. Once we finished sanding, we cleaned thoroughly and removed all sawdust residues. The pallet-platform bed is a staple of college dormitories across the country and can be a quick and dirty furniture solution in any home.

What it lacks attractive, that compensates for the low cost and facility of assembly. The development of a pallet platform bed takes less than 10 minutes once you have purchased your components. Unless you use out-of-size pallets, you can build just one of them with a double-sized bed frame. Remove the mattress and bed frame from your bed frame. Place the bed frame on its side. Place a paddle on its side, with an open end facing the bed. Slide the open end of the loading platform onto the legs of the bed frame, pushing it toward the bed until the legs will not go any farther on the pallet. Sometimes, this means that the pallet is level with the bottom of the bed.

Other times, the movement will stop because of the internal structure of the blade. Turn your bed upright backward, now resting on the pallets. Slide the pallet platform bed so it is one end against a wall. Platform pallet beds are stable only when a wall is provided additional support. You can update the look of this project by sanding and painting the pallets before mounting the bed on them. This arrangement is less stable than many platform beds. If you wobble more than you feel comfortable, note that mounting to a wall post using an L-corset and 3-inch wood screws.

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