Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed Ideas


Reclaimed wood platform bed – While the thought of using recycled material may jump to think the same if you think, say craft projects for preschool children, it may not be the first thing in your mind when considering buying or building a platform bed. But recycled materials can be as attractive and durable as brand new materials. Platform beds make use of several materials that are available in recycled form. Whether you’re building or buying a platform bed, recycled materials can give the look and benefits you want. Survey the wide ranging benefits of using recycled materials in your platform bed when considering whether not to use them. Low costs are a big advantage because regenerated, rescued, recycled and otherwise recycled materials typically cost less – sometimes significantly less – than brand new materials. You may be able to build a one-of-a-kind platform bed for half or less of the price of a mass-produced new bed.

Material types for reclaimed wood platform bed. Platform beds typically contain the same basic materials any other kind of bed namely wood, metal, mattress and fabric for bedding. That said, the amount of these materials you need may be different. For example, you can use more wood to build a platform bed than you wanted to build a basic bed frame. You may not need a box spring. Get or put plans for the platform bed you want. This will allow you to scout for pre-used, rescued and reprocessed materials in the amounts you need.

Recycled paper wood, metal and ornamentation with which you can construct a platform bed can be found at architectural salvage stores, city dumps, junkyards, garage sales, flea markets and red sales. These materials can also be excavated in your own backyard, garage, storage shed, loft or basement. If you want to reclaimed wood platform bed materials, keep a list in your wallet of the materials you will need and always have your eyes open. You never know when you will come across a free shipping pallet or a stack of sun breaking driftwood planking.

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