Queen Platform Bed Plans Ideas


Queen platform bed plans – Here are the exact instructions to complete the project for about 4 to 6 hours or faster if you are really good. How to make queen platform bed plans cut seven two-by-fours in the following lengths. Shape without frame queen platform bed plans by putting the two 60-inches and two 76-inches two-by four in a rectangle, standing on their narrow sides. Mark two drills their positions across each other, at 7/8 inch from the ends of each 60-inch end table. Drill holes in side rails and screw 3? Position three 56-inch two-by-four transverse shines with 20, 40 and 60 inches from the end shine. The center crossing rail should be flat on the wide side; while the other two cross rails can stand on the narrow side.

Mark two drill holes over each other on 76? Inch side rails at the ends of the upper and lower cross rails. Mark borehole places side by side on the middle surface lying across the railroad. Set four four-by-four pieces in the corners of the frame and live two holes on two sides of each leg, through the frame and into the legs. Get a mate to help you turn the frame and legs over so that you can attach the plywood top. Place the two 40 by 60-inches? Times thick plywood sheets on the frame to form 60 of 80-inch queen platform bed plans.

Consider drilling holes around the edge of the frame and mid-range rail at 13 to 15-inch distance. And then tips for make queen platform bed plans, you can screw decorative wood side rails to the two-by-four frame to make a more finished look and keep your mattress from moving around. Buy a five or six inch thick piece of medium-density polyurethane foam cut in 60 by 80 inches and cover with a high-end mattress cover to make a perfect mattress.


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