Practical Faux Leather Platform Bed


Faux leather platform bed – Many times we have some ideas about some design, material, color or texture that we want to incorporate in our house but we have a hard time noticing where to start, what furniture or accessories to use, in which spaces it is convenient to locate certain designs and finally how to clean or care for them . In today’s book we are going to decorate with leather, we offer you a guide of ideas and advice that will help you to understand a little more about this material and to know the different designs that you can find in the market. Leather will give your space a modern and casual look. On the other hand, with a headboard upholstered in leather you will get an elegant style. Choose glam-inspired padded headboards or padded linen headboards if you’re furnishing a girls bedroom.

The classic style will never go out of style, and the padded headboards will not. Choose upholstered faux leather platform bed, which form a single piece covering the whole structure of the headboard in earthy colors or garnets and give a touch of elegance and majesty to your bedroom. This is a great idea for classic bedrooms and you can combine the leather or polipiel of these padded headboards with different wooden furniture handles such as sifonier, wardrobe or chest of drawers, to achieve a uniform and harmonious appearance.

Leather headboards for a romantic bedroom: get a head of skin in light tones like beige or white and match them with the upholstery of the chairs, the same color. For accessories, choose pastel shades like pink and do not forget to include some vintage inspired furniture to get a touch brimming with delicacy. Faux leather platform bed for a room of the most hi-fi: have you also signed up for hip hop fashion? Brown leather headboards will become the protagonists of any space. Do not forget to include textiles with animal prints like deer or wolves, essential!


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