Popular Platform Twin Bed with Storage


Platform twin bed with storage – Love the look and functionality of a platform storage bed but do not want to pay the retail? This do-it-yourself bed can be built today, cut down the mess, and will save money in the end. How to make platform twin bed with storage, buy unfinished cubbies from a craft shop or an unfinished furniture store. The bed shown above (double size) uses 6 double cubbies at a cost of $ 120 with AC Moore’s 50% coupon. Even at full price it would cost $ 240 which is still lower than the price of most platform storage beds.

Then to make platform twin bed with storage, choose your finish. If you go for a natural look, you can easily sand the edges of cubbies and be done. If you choose color or stain, lightly sand the cubbies and apply two layers of your finish, making the target to dry between the layers. Configure the layout of the bed so that the cubbies form a rectangle size of the mattress. At the base and head of the rectangle, you need a cubby plus side of another cubby (the picture here shows the base of the bed). You need two cubbies for each side of the rectangle.

If you use a box spring, place it on the cubbies then laid the mattress. If you choose to use a mattress, you may want to add two more cubbies in the middle of the layout to provide stability to the mattress. Because you will not see these cubbies, you do not have to paint or color them. Shopping Carts to keep everything in their place. Be creative with your colors, bedding and baskets. If you build this platform twin bed with storage for a toddler, it may be a good idea to anchor the cubbies to each other (with screws) on the head and foot of the bed.

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