Platform Queen Bed with Storage


Platform queen bed with storage – A platform storage bed can sometimes be referred to as a mate or captain’s bed. The basic meaning of this terminology refers to the fact that most ships and boats do not have much room for a bed and a separate storage space. The combination of both bed and storage facilitates sleeping or living in close proximity. In modern designs of dorms, studios, and shared rooms, the dual function of platform beds with storage is a very important part.

Platform queen bed with storage beds are a good solution for a dormitory, children, or single person’s room. The beds are available in many different styles, including a number of drawers below and a number of shelves included. The color and finish on a platform bed can also vary depending on the type of wood used and the stain chosen. A white platform bed with storage is the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom because the color can easily be matched with other components or a special theme.

Platform queen bed with storage is especially useful in a home that has smaller bedrooms. Occasionally a bedroom may not be big enough to accommodate storage for both spouses, or if a guest room is both a bedroom and an office. The extra storage under the platform bed can hold clothes while other types of storage can be used to store other belongings and supplies. Rotting platform storage bed frames have enough room to accommodate two adults comfortably. The beds usually come with 2-3 drawers on either side of the bed, addicted on what style you prefer. The quay size is a popular size in both platform beds and bedding, so you should have no problem finding many options to choose from. The rest, the internet is the best place to look for the queen bed with storage facilities and to compare current pricing.


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