Platform Dog Bed Style Option


Platform Dog Bed – It is known that dogs are the best friends of man, faithful even with the most grumpy and unfriendly owner who uses them to protect his property in exchange for a daily meager lunch, a roof to escape bad weather and a palette of straw. Find a good platform to build a dog bed with pallets to revaluate Melampo implies the knowledge of the specific norms related to the quality of the pallets, the type of wood used, the degree of resistance, and, not least, the presence of the European brand that guarantees the absence of any parasite of wood, proves diffusers of harmful pandemics for forests and forests.

It is also necessary to have the notion of the main sizes of pallets, different in each part of the world. If you have chosen some Italian pallets. Now, you will be able to start the project, identifying, first of all, the right location for the bed on dog pallets, in a dry and ventilated place, bright and repaired. You can install the platform dog bed under a roof or porch, instead of keeping it at home, so that the animal is protected from wind, rain, and cold, especially feared by dachshunds. In fact, turning the pallets upside down, that is, downwards, we will see the outline of a good pallet bed for the dog. The wooden structure will be treated so that it becomes smooth and compact, with the plane of a good carpenter, and appropriately decorated.

The side for access of the quadruped will be highlighted, with pieces of wood processed in a decorative manner, or by lifting the sides of a structure a few centimeters, arranging the axes in superimposed rows. Each one can choose his favorite color to paint the platform dog bed of pallets for his dog, to harmonize it with the pillow that will make it a comfortable and warm refuge, or with the coat of Melampo long or short that is.


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