Platform Beds IKEA for Hacking Ideas


Platform Beds IKEA – IKEA wants us to ignore the instruction manual for a moment, and to think about how to hack furniture. Yes, “hack”, although maybe not with the meaning you’re thinking. You see, hacking does not just mean finding vulnerabilities in a computer system and taking advantage of them. Actually, the definition of hacking is much broader and has other connotations depending on the context. In general, hacking means going beyond the limitations of the products, regardless of whether we are talking about technology. The hacker culture has already expanded beyond the technology sector; every time there is more talk about “hacks”, or tricks for our day to day, for example.

IKEA wants you to use the creativity that you carry inside. So, when we talk about hacking furniture, we talk about making the most out of them, of doing things that their creators never imagined. By its own definition, this is something that is not normally supported by its creators. But now IKEA has shown that it is possible to apply this philosophy of life to something as basic as our furniture. Today IKEA has announced the first products of its new “open platform beds IKEA“. With which it wants to promote the creation of personalized furniture. It is called DELAKTIG, which in Swedish means “to be part of something”.

The objective is to offer pieces to the clients so that they can do what they want with them. We can always assemble the basic product, but with a little skill and imagination, we can expand it or turn it into something different. The first piece of this puzzle will be a basic unit that can take the form of a sofa or a bed. The frame will be extruded aluminum, and 40% of the material comes from recycling; wooden tablets hold the cushions. It sounds very simple, but there is the grace. The frame of this platform beds IKEA is full of points where we can use standard size screws, and it can be mounted in several different ways.


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