Platform Bed Wood Frame of Plywood DIY


Platform Bed Wood – A wooden platform is the basis of any do-it-yourself project frame of the bed. From this start, you can add legs, headboard, footboard, shelves, drawers and other appliances to make it the right bed for your exact needs. If you have lumber and tools in hand, you can put your platform together in less than an hour.

The construction of a plywood bed platform is a low-cost alternative for purchasing your bed frame in a furniture store or boutique. Set aside one or two hours for this project, unless you plan to paint the wood. If the paint does, set aside two blocks of about an hour each, divided for a few hours or all night to allow the paint to dry. The dimensions of these plans are for a full-size mattress. But you can build a platform bed wood frame for the mattress any size by adjusting the measurements.

Sand all sides of your wood with hard-grain sandpaper. Then sand one side and the edges of the wood with fine-grained sandpaper. Paint all sides of the wood that you have sanding with fine-grained sandpaper. Let it dry. This step is not necessary but will make the finished product much more attractive. Adjust the 12-inch by four sheets of 3/4 inch plywood in a rectangle, resting on their narrower faces. The shorter leaves should be inside the longer leaves and will be at the head and foot of the bed.

Connect the plywood using three wood screws per connection. Punched through the surface of the longer sheets and into the ends of the shorter sheets. Put the 1/2 inch plywood sheet on top of the rectangular frame. Screw in place with a screw around the corner, and a screw in the center of each edge. Position the platform bed wood frame in position and fix your mattress on top.

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