Platform Bed Slats Pallet for a Great Shape


Platform Bed Slats – The beds have been a wonderful creation that allows us to enjoy a pleasant time of hours of rest. Therefore, this useful piece of furniture has evolved as time has passed, as for example the four dull and dull legs of the bed have been replaced with interesting and charming platform beds.

Given this DIY projects have been created as we bring them today, offering the latest in fashion king beds made of a wooden pallet with an attached header. This completely beautiful bed frame has been designed by a creative mind so you can enjoy dual purposes with the single element. Built from the pile of pallets slats, the bed counts the shape and function together. The bed consists of a raised high platform bed slats structure, using pallets everywhere. Also, a headboard has been fixed on the back of the bed, to add some aspects to the bedroom decoration. Tinted in black tones it is confirmed to be a classy item to fit easily in modern and contemporary decor. The center of the bed has been covered with a frothy and comfortable mattress to raise the level of comfort to the peak.

A platform of solid wood is enough to transform a space of these characteristics. Simple but robust they have a great decorative power if combined with a simple bedding that reveals the intricacies of the structure. Let nothing rob them of the limelight! You can find these types of structures in the market, but you can also build them. With a wooden platform bed slats as the basis of the project you can, from here, add legs, headboards or drawers, depending on your skill with the tool and the needs you need. The platforms of simple and straight lines are the ones that best fit is diaphanous spaces of industrial character. You can reinforce the decoration with a modern wooden or steel table, a standing lamp for reading and some pictures.


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