Platform Bed Foundation with Drawers


Platform bed foundation with drawers is an ideal solution for small rooms or someone who has a lot of points to store but not enough room to put them all in. Because the boxes can store bed linen, clothes or other items, a bed with drawers removes need for a separate agency in the room. As a result, small bedrooms and guest rooms can accommodate a larger bed without worrying about other non-fit furniture.


Divide a second rectangle from the remaining 75- and 54-inch long pieces for platform bed foundation. Reinforce the glued joints on both rectangles with an impact drill equipped with a screwdriver drill and long screws. Lower the screws to keep the surfaces of wood flat. Glue two of the 10-inch pieces together into a piece that is 10 inches long, 2 inches wide and 2 inches thick. Glue the ends of four 10-inch-long pieces. Attach 10-inch-long pieces to the corner of the non-ribbed rectangle so that the 10-inch pieces stand vertically. Attach the ribbed rectangle on top of these vertical pieces to form the bed frame. Reinforce the joints with recessed long screws.

Determine which side of the platform bed foundation the drawers will be on. Glue and screw 8-inch wide, 10-inch long bit into the center of the side of the bed frame that the drawers will be on. Glue then screw the remaining 10-inch long bit into the center of the opposite side of the bed frame. These are the side posts for the bed. Screw a box handle to the center of one of the wide faces every 31 1/2 inch with 10-inch bit. Then glue a 31 1/2 inch with 10-inch piece on the front of each drawer so that the handles are on the outside. Slide the drawers in the holes in the side of each bed frame to complete the bed foundation with drawers.

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