Perfect Diy Platform Bed Frame


Diy platform bed frame – The furniture minimalist also equips the children’s bedroom. The current interior design knows the latest trends to achieve spacious environments, even if large dimensions are not available. In this bedroom we find each furniture optimized so that the place is neat and clear. The bed is a trundle bed that opens like a drawer, and forms part of a subtlety of modular decoration, where the furniture of night and the sofa are linked in the same design. This bed, in addition, gives the possibility of adapting not only to the childhood of the girl or boy, but also you can use it during your adolescence thanks to a neutral design.

Once again, we observe the new proposal of laminated wooden diy platform bed frame for the shared nursery. The design of these double beds implements an absolutely personal and original air to the children’s rooms, and generates an interesting saving of space gained to the game. In this case, the height of the platform also allows its use as a game table. The plain where the mattresses support is the one recommended today by the specialists in ergonomic design.

The drawers for children’s and youth diy platform bed frame are perfect when the bedroom is shared. With each bed having its own place of storage, each child will know where to store their things for a more harmonious coexistence. According to the decoration of each room, a bed of natural wood like the ones in the photo can implement color for the drawers, managing to favor the total composition of the room. Perhaps most important, when choosing a good bed with drawers, is the ease of operation of the same. That is, the drawers, to be truly useful, have to be opened and closed with ease. This happens in this case, where we also see the breadth of these storage spaces.


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