New Innovation Modern Platform Bed With Lights


Modern Platform Bed With Lights – Platform beds are basically a box with keys that extend through the center to support the mattress. Due to the construction of box and reinforcement, the bed does not require a headboard, foot, side rails or a bed base. The clean construction is perfect if you want a modern and stylish look to your bedroom. Platform beds are available in several furniture stores, but you can keep spending by making your own marriage platform. Then connect the lights at the bottom to provide a room feel. Stand both 60-inch boards up on their sides 2 inches with a space of 78 inches between them.

Stand a 78-inch board on its 2-inch side and place it between the two 60-inch boards. Place the end of the plate flush 78 inches against each of the 60-inch plates, positioning the ends through the pilot holes. Apply the wood glue to the boards where they touch. Secure the board as the two shorter boards using a wood screw through each of the pilot holes. Place a second 78-inch plate between the two 60-inch plates on the opposite side to create a rectangle. Apply the wood glue to the joints modern platform bed with lights where they meet and place the longer board between the pilot holes in the two shorter boards. Add two more wood screws through the holes to secure the boards.

Wrap a string of Christmas lights around the outside of the wooden structure. Set a nail-in plastic Christmas light clip around the cable between each light on the chain. Nail a nail through the nail hole in the clip on the side of the base, placing them 1 inch below the top edge. Paint or stain two plywood sheets from 32 by 82 inches to match the base. Place the two wooden sheets on the top of the built frame. Set up your bed as usual by putting the mattress or mattress and box on the top of the table by 32 by 82 inches. Turn on the modern platform bed with lights when necessary or put them on a timer.


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