Modern Wooden Platform Bed Frame


A wooden platform bed is a modern and sophisticated look for the center of all bedrooms. If the thought of spending thousands for a furniture held to add to their bedroom suite, be sure you have other options. For a few hundred dollars and a couple of hours of work, you can make a base platform; all you need is basic knowledge of the wood.

Measure the bed – Before you start, you need the size of the mattress you want to place on the wooden platform bed. You should also decide the width of the platform to be exposed. Choose a size like you and your bedroom space suits. With measurements, it is necessary to prepare the project. The bed will have an increase of six inches from the ground since a layered platform that surrounds it. The rest is up to your design.

Buying materials – Determine how much wood is required by the design. All exposed wood including the bottom six inches increases as well as visible platform sections must be made of wood finishing quality. The wooden frame of the inner and non-visible part of the platform should be made with plywood boards.

Build the frame of the bed platform

Connect the four sides of the frame with wooden screws strong. Then place the cross through the center of the rectangle. This support will stabilize the bed and keep it public. All modern wooden platform bed has this basic shape. When the frame is constructed you should throw the sheets of plywood on top to create the platform. Keep in mind that these cards should extend from six to ten centimeters around the sides of the frame. This is what creates the elegant platform. Make sure the sheets of plywood are safe and do not rub. Leaves a small space of 14 cm between the conductor sheets to allow contraction and expansion due to changes in temperature or humidity.

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