Modern Platform Bed Queen with Drawer Addition


Modern Platform Bed Queen – A queen bed is enough to accommodate two comfortably large people, but in many of its smaller rooms, a bed of this size means little space for other furniture. A queen size bed with drawers underneath will help you reclaim some lost storage space without affecting the comfort of the queen bed offers. It will be the best multifunctional furniture if you put some storage space like drawers. And you build it with DIY project at home. Here the steps of it.

Cut a 3/4-inch thick sheet of wood 35 inches long and 10 inches wide using the circular saw. Cut two pieces 28 1/2 inches long and 9 1/4 inches wide. Cut a piece 30 inches long and 9 1/4 inches wide. Cut a piece 35 inches long by 29 1/4 inches wide. Cut the 1/2-inch diameter plug into 12 1-inch pieces. Place the 1/2-inch diameter bit for the drill. Drill three holes on the left side of the wide face of piece 35 by 10 inches and three holes on the right side from your modern platform bed queen. Drill three holes on the left side of the 30 by 9 1/4 inch piece and three on the right.

Apply glue to each of the holes. Push the pin pieces into the holes and touch them solidly in place with the hammer. Drill three holes in each small face of the 28 pieces 1/2 inch wide. Connect these pieces to the pegs and hammer in place to form a rectangular frame with a 3/4 inch lip on one side. Place the frame on the ground so that the lip up. Apply the glue to the thin edges around the top of the frame. Place the piece 29 1/4 by 25 inches into the frame to form the base of the drawer. Reinforce the joints with long countersunk screws. Screw an identifier for the middle of the piece by 35 by 10 inches. Repeat the entire process to make the second drawer for the modern platform bed queen.


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