Modern Platform Bed Frame in Cheap but Elegant


Modern Platform Bed Frame – Let’s meet it, one of the most valuable things in our bedroom is the bed. With it, we want to make surrender our money, but at the same time we look for that it is modern, elegant and, at best, totally incredible! But what is the best way to do it without going beyond the budget? The answer is simple: Do it yourself. Yes, you can build a bed that rivals those that sell in high-end stores and save you a lot of money. And we have some ideas for bed bases that you can try and they will save you a lot. With that, you can save for the mattress.

One of the easiest bed bases to build is one made of pallets. Pallets have been used for decades for delivery of the products to places such as supermarkets and outlets. It has only been in recent times that people have begun to recognize the potential of these elements as design materials. The pallet is a relatively strong element, is designed to withstand the considerable weight. This makes it an ideal material for use as a bed base. To build a modern platform bed frame, simply find the correct number of pallets to match the size and height of the bed. Polish them if you like and paint them in your favorite color.

Another easy idea to build is that of a simple modern platform bed frame. A thick and well-polished board can do the trick. The advantage is its low cost of construction, by saving materials; the security that gives, being able to carry a lot of weight; and the modern style it brings to the room. It can be a better option than the mattress without a base, because being the fiber above the floor, does not accumulate so much dust and avoids the danger of possible spills of liquids. This is an interesting option for couples who have already achieved a certain financial stability. And want to give a little more style to the room, without spending too much.


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