Method for Making a Platform Bed


Making a platform bed – To make platform bed, firstly you must have the dimensions. Once you have the dimensions, make a frame according to them. Fix the ends of the weft, making holes in the ends and fix the screws. Two, add a little on the support brackets, especially if the size of the bed is going to be large. Add at least two wooden supports. You will have to measure the width of the bed and cut the supports for the way the wooden sheets support. Third, place them at the same distance by dividing the bed into 3 parts.

Attach to the main structure by drilling holes from the outside and fasten with long screws. Now you will have to cut the MDF sheet according to the size of the frame from making a platform bed. You can use several sheets of it. Now place the sheets in the wooden frame on the top of the other. Align them perfectly. You will have to drill holes through the top of these sheets in the frame. Sixth, you can also use the wood glue to attach the sheets along the screws. Fill the seams and holes with some wood padding and let it dry. You want to attach ricino?

Are you needed to turn the bed upside down and then screw it to each in the corners. Use the primer on the platform bed. Once this primer dries, you can choose the color of your bed with any color of latex paint. You can making a platform bed with smaller base, if you want to make a different design. This was a very simple example of how to make a platform bed. However, you can opt for different sizes and varieties. Especially your own taste now you already know how to build a bed frame on platform.

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