Making Upholstered Platform Bed Queen


Upholstered platform bed queen – Give your bedroom a truly unique look by creating an upholstered platform bed frame. Adding upholstery to these low profile bed frames helps to add visual weight, giving the frame a stroke of color. While adding upholstery increases the style factor, the clean lines of the platform bed make it suitable for modern design. A project of upholstered bed frame allows you to create a personalized piece of furniture, making the bed focal point of the room. Choose a bold, graphic print with high contrast for a dramatic look. Soft, textured fabrics, especially those with luster, lend themselves well to romantic spaces. Measure the width and length of your mattress. Add 2 inches to each of those dimensions. Use these tight measures as guidelines for cutting 2-by-6 tables. Cut two boards equal to your adjusted width and two boards that match your adjusted length.

Place the boards together on the floor of a rectangular box spring. Place a thin amount of wood glue on the end of one of the tips of the correct width and join one of the longer boards to create a corner of the upholstered platform bed queen. Repeat the procedure at the remaining corners. Turn the frame so that the long sides are on the left and right. Install the nail Gun with 2-inch nails. Also secure your corners by shooting three nails along each corner. Use measuring tape to measure the length of the structure by measuring from the inside edge of the upper board to the inner edge of the lower board. Cut the board 2 by 6 remaining at this length.

Apply spray adhesive for the outer face of the frame boards. Wrap the mattress with batting. Use the same method that would be used to wrap a gift. Ensure batting instead by clamping around the inside perimeter of each panel. Adjust the cutting board the center of the bed to create a beam support center. Secure the plate in place by firing nails through the board from the top of the frame and batting into the cross support beam. Repeat with the bottom board. Wrap the frame tables with upholstery fabric, using the same method used to apply the batting. Pull the fabric taut before stapling to the inside of the bed. This will help keep the finish smooth. Measure the length of the support plate from the center to the outside, right rail of the upholstered platform bed queen. Cut eight pieces of plywood equal to this length by 8 inches wide. Repeat on the left side of the center support beam.


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