Making Queen Size Platform Bed with Drawers


Build queen size platform bed with drawers give you added storage space. A great plan is relatively simple to design and build to meet your needs. A standard queen size bed is 60 inches long with 80 inches long. For this design, we will make the bed 16 inches high from the floor. You can adjust these measurements for a larger or smaller platform frame. Take four plywood sheets and cut 18 inches wide 96-inch long side of each. There are set 18-inch wide of 96-inch long side pieces. Router edge off each board. On two editors’ sheets, add a strip of glue within one edges edge and insert a dowel pole the full length of 96 inch side to act as a groove on the other shelf. For now, put together two plates to make the base platform. The size must be 60 inches long and 96 inches long with no space here displayed between tongue and groin.

Make queen size platform bed with drawers, take the four 18-inches wide of 96-inch long plates and cut off 36 inches from 96-inch pages. Take one of the 18-inch wide x 60-inch long plates and stand upright across the top of the bottom end of the platform. Glue in place and do the same at the other end. Take one of 1/2 inch by 1 inch wooden strips and lay it flat butted up against the inside of two sheets. After enrollment fit, remove it lay a strip of glue and replace strips again. Let dry. Screw the two strips securely into the lower platform. Comes from the outside of each standing 18 inch of 60 inch sheet, using long nails to get through to the side of strips.

Queen size platform bed with drawers, measure the remaining inside distance between the two standing plates. This should be equal to 94 inches without taking into account the strip measures. Measurement 30.25 inches from the inside of the panel standing end. Stand up the third 18 inch high of 60 inch sheet, then glue it into place throughout the lower platform. Measure 30.25 inches from the inside of the new sheet against the top end sheet. Add the last 18 inches of 60 inch panel across the platform and glue into place. Add strips on one side to two center standing sheets, glue, let dry and then screw into strips and nails from the open sides of standing sheets in strips. Add the remaining strips on the other side of the standing plates and turn down.

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