Making Platform Bed Drawers for Child


Platform bed drawers – Making your own bed frame saves you money so you can spend extra on the room accessories. When designing a child’s bed, including under the bed drawers gives you more storage space without additional furniture takes up space in the room. Even constructing a bed frame can act like a job for a professional, with minimal construction experience; you can build your own Kida’s bed with drawers for a weekend.


Drill the long side of a 76-by-12-by-2-inch board using a 1/4 inch drill. Place the two holes 1 inch in from the top and side edge of the board of platform bed drawers. Place two guide holes on the opposite side of the board located at the same distance from each other. Place four more pilot holes in a second 76-by-12-by-2-inch board, spacing the holes in the same position as the first line. Place all four slices on their 2-inch edges. Place the shorter boards over the top of the guide holes in the longer boards. Make sure the edges of the four slices are aligned. Apply the trunks where the pieces meet. Screw a 4-inch screw through each of the pilot holes in the larger boards at the ends of the smaller boards to secure the mold.

Center 70-inch on board so that there’s a 4-inch gap on each side. Place the flush against the work surface. Place a nail centered on each end of the board of the board below. Turn the structure over. Platform bed drawers use the same location as you did in steps 3 and 4. Cut a 10-by-30-inch rectangle off the side of one of the 76-inch discs using a saw, placed 6-inches in from the edge of the structure. Set the rectangle so that the top edge of it is 1 inch below the top edge of the board and the bottom edge is 1 cm above the bottom edge. Cut a second rectangle with the same dimensions and placement 6 inches in from the other end of the same card to create the pockets for the drawers.


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