Make Over Maple Platform Bed


Maple platform bed – Maple is a common wood used for floors, tires and furniture. Two main types of maple are found: hard maple and soft maple. Both parts are similar in appearance, but have some distinct differences. With soft maples are grayer, while hard maples are less gray and whiter. Maple is a heavier tree so good, it is not just known for its natural grains or beauty, but this tree makes the spot very good. So, making the maple a favorite tree for the platform bed. The color of hard and soft maple ranges from creamy white to grayish white and is often very common.

We can make over maple platform bed furniture actually looks dark and attractive after a few coats of stains. Starting with use wooden platform furniture stripping with a brush. Scrape away old paint or surface paint from the furniture with a scraping tool. Use a grinding machine to remove stubborn stains of paint or paint. And to even the surface and remove stains on the wood in the grain. Sand trays separately with 150 to 320 sandpaper grains. But careful about delicate hardware such as buttons or joints in the tree. Check trays for damage. Apply a layer of stain with a clean brush. Let dry and apply another layer if a deeper color is preferred.

Make sure the stain completely covers maple platform bed furniture and does not run down edges unevenly. Remove excess stain with an old cloth. Last, apply a latex wood paint to maple platform bed, if not staining the wood. Painting maple furniture is a viable road for clearer pieces, unless a natural pattern in the grain. Choose the color of your choice and prime the tree before painting. Add 01:59 coats and let dry. Apply 01:59 layer of a polyurethane finish over the paint. Sand in between layers of polyurethane finish with 150- sandpaper grain.


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