Joy and Full of Life Ideas Girls Platform Bed


Decorating girls platform bed is a complicated task, choosing a style or another will depend on age, whether they have a partner, whether they are in school, university or working, etc. Therefore you have to choose flexible themes and colors, that with small changes the bedroom adapts to your new tastes . One of the best ideas to get it right is to opt for a neutral background and decorate the bedroom with accessories and textiles in vivid and eye-catching colors. In this way changing the accessories will give a new air. The bedspreads in lively colors and bright, flashy duvets and matching pillowcases can completely change the look of the bedroom.

Painting the walls in neutral and muted tones can give a lot of life with textiles and bedding, making it very easy to completely change the decoration style. If you want good ideas to decorate girls platform bed, look at the following pictures, they are rooms with neutral walls but bedding, textiles and accessories with very striking colors, for girls with lots of energy. The purple or violet is the color of royalty, luxury and abundance. It is one of the colors with more preference to decorate modern rooms . If combined with black and purple stripes we will get an ideal design for girls intrepid and happy .

Different shades of pink, lilac, green and blue combine in a very balanced way. They are flashy and fun tones perfect for decorating girls platform bed with joy and full of life .If you are looking for quieter colors, you can use a single color for all the decoration, so we do not lose the joy of the colors. Turquoise is a very good choice. Another example of decoration with blue tones is the one we see in the photo above, but it is more focused on classic houses, with floral prints and vintage furniture .


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