Ikea Platform Bed Hack Option


Ikea platform bed hack – However, not following the instructions and varying the design of a piece of furniture can lead to a more attractive or innovative. It is what the so-called “IKEA Hackers” have been doing for some time. Such as transforming rack shelves on sofas or tables or platform bed. And in a matter of practicality, the platform beds also have drawers in the space below. Not all ikea platform bed hack designs are the same. But most know how to take advantage of this space that is under the mattress creating drawers. That allow the storage of bedding, cushions or other and that when closed are imperceptible to the eye.

A perfect option to save space since we will not need other furniture cabinets more to maintain the order of the place. Actually, ikea platform bed hack are an excellent choice for the decoration of contemporary bedrooms. Because he not only offering a significant amount of aesthetics and style. But also taking care of the most common needs of rest and practicality of modern life. The basic platform bed only has the surface on which the mattress is placed. However, there are various hack designs and sizes that will allow you to give various uses to this piece of furniture. Other models of platform beds come with several drawers and / or built-in shelves.

So you can store things. And there are designs that have a mechanism that helps you lift the mattress easily. So you can use the free space below the bed. You can find ikea platform bed hack in a lot of materials. Everything depends on your tastes and lifestyle. Perhaps a bed with a wooden platform requires more maintenance (type of cleaning materials, avoid termites, etc.) than a bed with metal base. In addition to traditional materials such as plastic, metal, and wood, you can also choose to line the base with fabric, leather or vinyl adhesives. This will give you a personal touch or you can change the appearance of the base whenever you want.

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