IKEA Bed Platform use Delaktig Varian


IKEA Bed Platform – IKEA has a long history of design furniture at affordable prices and can be packaged in flat packages. The worst thing is that you have to assemble them, but the one that you have the power to choose which pieces go where you want, opens a world of possibilities. There are entire communities focused on customizing furniture from the Swedish company. After this revolution, very popular in blogs and social networks, IKEA will finally launch the first modular furniture and you can “hack”.

This is Delaktig, a project that IKEA detailed last year and is a collaboration with Tom Dixon, a famous decorator and designer. Delaktig is an aluminum IKEA bed platform that serves as a structure for anything you can imagine. It has different uses and will be the clients who decide how to modify it and what will be its purpose, modifying, adding or adapting its parts. This base serves for example for beds and sofas. Once you choose what you want to use, you can build the furniture with accessories and extensions that will make it. For example, a mattress or sofa base can be used to sit. You can also add accessories such as trays, legs or armrests.

But not only serves as a bed or sofa structure, IKEA imagines it as a structure that serves everything, for example, to install it on top of a car or as a base platform that you can lift. As a structure designed by IKEA, they will benefit in that they will sell you compatible accessories, although you are free to follow “hacker thinking” and modify it to accept anything. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Delaktig IKEA bed platform system will start selling next year, which will take the Swedish company to a new world where people no longer select the furniture they want, also thinking about how they want to change them.


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