Ideas to Make Wood Platform Beds


Wood platform beds – Making a bed of wooden is quite simple if you have the right tools. There are several mounting methods depending on the type of bed you are going to use. It does not need to be elegant. Even the simplest frame of the bed will have a box spring set and mattress. The dimensions of the structure depend on the size of your mattress set. A platform bed is simply a reinforced box that can be placed on a mattress. This Asian style version includes a mattress on which the mattress can be placed. It is traditionally low to the ground with much support. Measure the foam mattress. Add a 2-foot border around that size. Has the company wood finished cut to size. It has 1 inch per inch of 4 lengths of pines, four each, cut to the frame of the length and width of the mattress. They have widths of 2 inches by 2 inches of pine, four to six each, cut to add compatibility with the wood platform.

Use medium and fine grain sandpaper to soften all wood. All the wood of the stain. Give at least two layers and dry well between layers. Drill holes in the pine support slats and always drop wood glue into the holes to ensure better adhesion. Use wood screws to set pine lengths 2 inches by 2 inches from the width of the wood. Add the four posts of the leg of the corner and the wood platform beds frame of the turn.

Mark the center of the wood platform beds to determine where the mattress will sit. Mark around the mattress and use 1-inch by 4 inches in length to build a frame. Connect to the platform with wood screws. Drill below the platform so there are no visible holes. Touch where necessary and finished with two coats of acrylic finish. It dries very well between layer and layer. Insert the mattress. Cover with mattress and enjoy an Asian style bed with all the comfort and support that this project.



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