Ideas of King Size Platform Bed Plans


King size platform bed plans are popular in Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. If you are in the market for a platform bed, getting plans must be the best idea. Continue as many variants as possible to make sure the final choice is well thought out. Platform height is the most important decision to make because it determines the overall height when you put the mattress. This makes the mattress an important factor as well. The material used to build the platform bed does not have to be fixed wood; plywood works equally well.


Determine the desired height on your king size platform bed plans. Construct the frame of platform bed with solid timber if the height is less than 11½ inches. If it’s more than 11½, inches, rip four pieces of plywood with a table saw or circular saw to make the four frame pieces. Plan width bits to fit between length pieces. Set them between the length of the pieces on either end to form a square or rectangle, depending on the size of the platform needed for the selected mattress. Attach them to each other with either screws or 4-inch (1½ inch) surface nails.

Cut multiple pieces with a table saw or circular saw to fit inside the frame to support the king size platform bed plans. Store them within 24 inches of each other for maximum support. These pieces can either be free floating or attached to the frame. Measure the width and length of the platform frame. Cut the platform from a plywood board and attach it to the frame with 4-penny surface nails. As an alternative, attach a piano hinge to one edge of the plywood and the frame with the supplied screws with piano hinges and a variable speed drill and screw tip. This provides access to storage space that would otherwise be unavailable. Arrange as many pieces of solid wood as needed to cover the top of the frame. These pieces have the same purpose as the plywood mentioned earlier. Secure work to the frame with end nails or screws.

Tips and warnings

Leave some pieces of wood loose to give access to the space below the platform. Do not apply a finish to the platform bed frame without proper ventilation.

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