Ideas for Build Raised Platform Bed


Raised platform bed – A problem with modern, clean lined platform beds is that they sometimes sit too low. This can make it difficult to get in and out of bed or cause bedding to go up on the floor on either side. You can eliminate this problem by building a platform bed frame on Taller Riser, bringing your bed to a more traditional height. Set an afternoon for this project, which is within reach of beginners and intermediate carpenters.

Ideas for build raised platform bed, place a 79-inch plank and a 52-inch plank together on their edges in an L-shape. At the end of the short shelf, rest against the face on the longer shelf. Attach the planks using two L-hinges; set each 2 inches from either side. Screw them into place using the supplied screws and a drill. Repeat steps to make a second L shape using the remaining long planer and one of the shorter planks. Arrange two Ls in a rectangular frame. Attach the corners using two L-braces each. Push a 52-inch plank inside the frame, parallel to and as far from the 52-inch planks already in place. Attach it with two L-braces at each end.

Slide the remaining two planks inside the frame, one on each side of the central planer, and center them between the central and outer planks. Attach them with two L-braces at each end. Place the plywood board on top of the frame. Attach it with a wooden screw in each corner, driven by plywood and into the shelf below. Sand all outer surfaces with grit slip paper. Sand outside faces the boards use nice slippers. You can bet the sand plywood board if you want, but it will not be visible when you put the mattress in place. Tips and warnings for make raised platform bed. These plans are for a full-size mattress. Adjust wood dimensions for beds of other sizes.

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